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Cheeky Deals has one humble aim: to connect as many people with special offers as possible. Our platform curates deals from a well over two hundred companies in South Africa.

What makes our site unique is that we gather all types of deals from the brands themselves, no coupon codes, group buying arrangements etc. Which in essence means that you don’t need to act through a third party to get awesome bargains.

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With the number of retailers offering online delivery increasing dramatically, South African shoppers are spoilt for choice.

Online stores can source an overwhelming variety of products for customers at affordable prices. Sending products across the country, from major cities to towns, is a breeze, and online stores can promise secure, reliable and instant payment methods. In this modern retail environment, Daily Deals have taken off. South African shoppers appreciate a great deal and more options for products and brands, which means Daily Deals and discounts are growing.

Daily deals is an e-commerce model which promises shoppers great discounts on goods for a short period of up to 36 hours. Some established retailers make use of the daily deals model by running flash sales on their online products to attract customers or for clearance sales. Daily deals can also be more deliberate, in the form of an entire platform dedicated to collating brands and offering shoppers great deals.

Daily Deals vary ranging from 25 percent to 75 percent off sales, and two-for-one kinds of discounts, as well as coupons for discounts on services, from holidays to beauty treatments, gifts and dining. Stores sometimes use group buying, encouraging shoppers to get together to buy in bulk. One thing is standard about daily deal offers – shoppers are encouraged to check out their carts while the offers are still hot.

Daily Deals from established stores can feature recognised brands, but South African shoppers are often offered trendy products from low-key brands offering decent quality alternatives to recognised brands. This offers customers a broad range of options and the opportunity to find a better-quality product from a less mainstream brand.

Free delivery is a key selling point in South Daily Deal stores, with retailers offering free delivery across the country, meaning shoppers in smaller regions can find products not easily found in physical stores.

While South African shoppers can benefit a great deal from daily deals, they’re encouraged to use free online sites to do price checks and comparisons on similar products. Most sites have a review section where you can see what other buyers thought of their purchases. Some international daily deal sites offer international delivery, opening up an entire world of shopping. Customers should bear in mind that there may be a small third-party customs fee attached to the delivery.

Daily deals offer critical South African shoppers an opportunity to find the goods and services they need, at affordable prices. Take advantage of daily deals by using free sites to research brands and standard prices.


Get answers to the questions we get asked most here at Cheeky Deals.

How does Cheeky Deals work?

Cheeky Deals employ the services of expert deal finders to track down the best deals from social media that we share for free on here.

How can I get the deals?

We always provide the sources to all of our deals. Pointing you in the right direction to get yourself some serious bargins from simply the best companies in the country.

Is Cheeky Deals affiliated with any of the businesses on the website?

Cheeky Deals remains completely independent from the brands we feature on our website.

Can I get my store listed on Cheeky Deals?

If you offer great deals then we’ll find you. Its as simple as that.

What locations are your deals for?

Deals we find are typically nationwide but areas that offer most of them are Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg, Stellenbosch , East London, Knysna, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Soweto and Kimberly.

How often are deals updated on Cheeky Deals?

We update deals daily, sharing the best on Facebook and Twitter.

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